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Seven Software Presentations Good Enough to watch twice

Glenn Vanderberg: Real Software Engineering

tl;dr: (Spoiler) Software Engineering as a concept is a joke, unless you're practicing Agile disciplines.

(This is the only software talk I've ever seen get a standing ovation)

Uncle Bob Martin: The Renaissance of Craftmanship

tl;dr: Be less terrible.

Jim Weirich: The Grand Unified Theory of Software Design

tl;dr: Contranascence is a word. Also, you have not begun to fathom the ways in which our code is coupled.

J.B. Rainsberger: Integration Tests are a Scam

tl;dr: Integration Tests yield shitty ROI because of Math.

Mary Poppendieck: Using Lean for Competitive Advantage

tl;dr: Mary Poppendieck is the best ever

Dan North: Simplicty, The Way of the unusual Architect

Uncle Bob Martin: Twenty-Five Zeros

tl;dr: Your modern language isn't much better than Fortran

** (I couldn't resist putting the same artist twice on mix tapes either) **


5 Awful things Distributed Teams do

1. Use the Telephone


Telephone technology has not significantly advanced in a century.

The Phone makes you sound like you're on AM radio.


Skype can sound like a CD, assuming you spend more than $10 on a microphone and have a decent internet...


8 Reasons I love Ruby

Ruby is vastly more productive than Java or .NET.

I had heard that Ruby was more productive for years. Each time I rolled my eyes, confident these developers lacked my Resharper/Automocking/Generics/Fluent API Magic. Then I developed in Rails at